SSS Allies

Its quite frequent that Shire Speed and Strength will host and teach trainers and coaches from other gyms. In fact after 7 years there is quite a list now ex-members who have gone one to start their own gyms!

Coaches and trainers have to learn somewhere, and gawd-knows its not going to be at some weekend course!

Professional development and adding skills is a big part of how fitness professionals add to their businesses, and its not easy to keep track of how many people come through the gym here then go onto bigger and better things.

(** Latest count Jan 2018 85 fitness/health professionals including 12 Physiotherapists, 29 Exercise Scientists, 44 employed Personal Trainers; 17 people owning their own gym**)


Ronnie and I are like this *crosses fingers*


Most importantly, having allies in the fitness industry is incredibly important as we continue our push back against high-price low-quality gym hucksters and workout mountebanks. If you’re in the hood of any of these gyms then you’ll know that you can find a sympathetic ear; they’ve all come to SSS to learn and they’re better for it, as we all are when we branch out and try new things in new places.



Shaun Trainor at Project Warrior

Glen Laws at Crossfit G-Force

Chris Mooney at BlackFlag Barbell Club, PTC Sydney and Fitter Stronger Faster

Chris Toomer at Exert Fitness and Training

Justin Lang, Regan Wild and Cameron Lane at Live Athletic

James Mann at Crossfit Locus

Ben Thorne at Fortitude Performance.

David Buckley at Inner West Crossfit

David Mifsud at The Body Shapers

Jake Turnbull at Alpha Fitness

Toby Nash at Raw Fitness

Adrian Immarata at Crossfit Scorch

Teri Fragiadakis at Teri Frag Fitness



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