Shire Speed and Strength is an NIB accredited provider.

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When booking in your first session, book a time online using this link.



MEMBER ENTRY TAXIWAY PROGRAM. Adults ($150) Students ($100)


One of the primary reasons for people to come to Shire Speed and Strength is to embed new lifting skills. The Taxiway program for new members is aimed at teaching them the slow lifts so that they can begin some basic novice programming at the gym.

This is 5 hours of one-on-one coaching where the new lifter is filmed, assessed and taught to Deadlift, Overhead Press, Backsquat and Bench as well as a few low skill accessory lifts. Solving injury, mobility and skill problems are a big part of the progression. The 5 days can be used however best suits your schedule over 1 or many weeks.

The skills will continue to be coached and refined with a view to progressing on to the quick lifts when the time comes. Whilst usually Personal Trainers at a commercial gym will charge $80 per 45min for low or no skill buddy partnering, at SSS you are coached with a skill competence and efficiency focus.



NON-MEMBER TAXIWAY PROGRAM. Adults ($400) Students ($250)

The non-member Taxiway program, is for lifters who are not going to become members of the gym and will not continue to be coached after the initial progression of skills has been embedded. We do not coach people for only one day. This is a 6 hour coaching progression that is spread over 5 days. The 5 days can be used however best suits your schedule over 1 or many weeks.

The skills taught can include the slow lifts, Deadlift, Overhead Press, Back Squat, Bench and low skill accessory lifts. This skills may include low bar or high bar squatting, conventional or sumo deadlifts. Alternatively, a focus on Olympic lifting can be chosen. This will include Snatch, Clean and Jerk as well as components of each skill including high bar squatting. Importantly, the necessary mobility for Olympic lifting is a large part of the teaching progression.

This program is usually, and ideally suited, to lifters who may live a long way away and for logistical reasons cannot be regular users of the gym. Some lifters have their own gym in their garage, others are members of other gyms but cannot find decent competent coaching anywhere. This program is targeted at you.


Shire Speed and Strength has a scope of coaching that reaches from Novice to the International stage.



Starting in March 2017, Shire Speed and Strength will implement a new ‘Coaching Triage System’. This will be a time slot booking system online, and via phone app, that will allow members of the gym to book specific times to set aside for coaching assistance, programming and diet support or massage. These sessions are complimentary and part of being a member of the gym. This is a continuation of the member support that has occurred since Shire Speed and Strength; that skills and assistance are part of being a member.

By adopting the booking system, members will be able to set aside specific times that best fit their schedule. There are 83 staffed hours per week to make a booking in as well as the Summer Sprint and Run skills training sessions.





6 Month commitment. Gym Access only:

ADULTS $55.00 fortnightly.

STUDENTS $44.00 fortnightly.


6 Month commitment. Gym Access plus Programming:

ADULTS $66.00 fortnightly.

STUDENTS $55.00 fortnightly.


6 Month commitment. Gym Access plus Programming and Coaching:

ADULTS $77.00 fortnightly.

STUDENTS $66.00 fortnightly.


6 Month commitment. OMNIBUS Coaching program:

The Omnibus program is a fully integrated membership option that provides gym use, programming, on-going skill acquisition. This will include competition day support, filming, and coaching communication outside of gym contact hours.

$88.00 fortnightly.


Winter Sport Membership 6 month commitment:

Winter Sports, particularly field based team invasion games like Rugby League, Union, Hockey, Soccer etc may include Club, Representative and School practices and competitions. The needs and training availability of the member varies considerably.

During the summer period off season (Mid-Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, January), Winter Sport members can access Run and Sprint skill training and programming. During the competition months, recovery work, injury and training load management become the greatest need. For this reason the ‘Winter Sport Membership’ throttles between the time of the year where more or less support from Shire Speed and Strength is needed.


Off season (Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan) Coaching, Programming and Run skill sessions 

ADULTS $88.00


In season (Feb to Sept) Coaching, Programming and Recovery sessions.

ADULTS $66.00



Shire Speed and Strength has coached people all the way to the Super Bowl from scratch.


CASUAL RATE  Adults ($20) Students ($10)

For people who can only come in to lift rarely or might be from out of town.



Everyone should be extremely skeptical of accessing any health service. Its important to us here at Shire Speed and Strength that you decide to come here for the right reasons. Not everyone wants to, or is ready to train. Some people do just want to walk on a stair master or go and get sweaty in a park bootcamp class; You don’t need us for that.

People need to come and check out what we do here so that they understand what happens at a gym used for training and efficiency. The first day for potential new members is free; After that they can decide what they want to do, and most importantly, tell if Shire Speed and Strength is the sort of place they want to come back to.