Shire Speed and Strength is a skills and efficiency focused gym that coaches the Global Dynamics of all physical preparation; be it movement skills, therapy, psychology or overall load management.

The gym has a weightlifting and powerlifting team, track and field athletes, combat, football codes, surf and aquatic competitors as well as recreational gym goers. Every member has the opportunity to evolve from just exercise, to learn how to train.

The most important feature is the coaching subscription model that allows for total flexibility of training time and coach interaction. There are no group sessions, and 1-on-1 coaching is an on-going aspect of membership with skill instruction, load management changes, injury treatment, nutrition alterations are all included in-house.

This is the gym that other gym owners, Personal trainers, Exercise Science graduates, health care professionals and PE Teachers come to learn skills for the weight room, classical barbell training and in running and agility.


Here is a link that details the number of other gyms and trainers that we have helped and spawned into existence. As of the gym’s 9th birthday, we have hosted 89 coaches, trainers, physiotherapists and exercise scientists; 17 of whom have their own premises.



Check out the gym instagram page here.

Shire Speed and Strength coaches are experienced coaching Olympic Weighlifting, Powerlifting, American Football, Gymnastics and Track and Field.


Athletes developed at Shire Speed and Strength are currently in the NFL, NCAA, NRL, IPF and IWF.


Blake Muir started at SSS and then all the way to the NFL.


You don’t have to be a Track and Field athlete to value learning running efficiency. Ask about our running skills program.


Here is what a typical first day looks like…




Gym users are usually either recreational gym goers who are looking to get out of the commercial fitness industry or athletes who are preparing for their sporting season. Men and Women, Girls and Boys all make up the membership base here at the gym. Our youngest lifters in 2016 are 10 years old, our masters level lifters are up to 73 years old.


Jackson Young at the IWF Junior World’s in Tbilisi Georgia.


Shire Speed and Strength is run as an open gym, there are no class times, lifters are encouraged to participate in our Taxiway program to embed new lifting skills and continue to be coached and programmed for daily.



There is only so much you can learn from reading about this gym, please judge us by coming in to train for the first day and decide if this is the place for you.


Head Coach Peter Upham has coached Gridiron, Track and Field, Gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting for 19 years. He was the 2006 NFL International Youth Coach of the Year awarded by the International Federation of American Football.


With Mike Tuchscherer at the RTS Seminar in December 2014


At the NFL Youth Coaching conference in Canton Ohio 2006


We travel far and wide for our athletes. Tbilisi, Georgia.


Texas High School football

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