One photo stands pride of place.

Several years ago a man from Melbourne contacted me about preparing to play gridiron…. as a QB for the first time at age 50!!!! He flew to Sydney to train, took on the skills and programming advice, and through persistence and need as injuries at his club took hold, he played his way into the starting spot and led the team to a championship win.


Super fit, a self made man, intrepid Jon Johnston then pursued mountaineering. Trips to Russia and Sth America ensued and we kept up with each other via email. This year was his 3rd attempt to summit Everest after storms and earthquake the last two years. Over the weekend he fell into a crevasse with another climber and died in Tibet. He leaves behind a wife and sons.
No better example of someone who died doing what they loved, a Stanford graduate and man of immense energy.

Vale Jon Johnston.