Lifters value the interface between their feet and the ground. This is not a place for something with the consistency of marshmellow.


Whether you’re still 13 years old or not, your school shoes or something like them, will serve as your initial lifting shoes until you have invested in actual ones.


It seems strange to most people when entering an actual gym that what they call their ‘gym shoes’ are actually just their walking around shoes. The instruction they are given is that in the initial stages, their old school shoes or dress shoes will serve the role of gym shoes. These are made of leather, they have a hard raised heel and they are sturdy. They are far superior to the kinds of shoes people generally wear to the gym.


You could almost take a bite out of the sole of this shoe.


Heavy squatting, pressing and pulls will be much more stable when supported by a shoe with a solid sole, than one that is mooshy and soft.


Once you think about it, it becomes fairly obvious and a difficult thing to argue against. The cost of a pair of 2nd hand school or dress shoes at something like the Salvation Army can be had for around $8-$20. Yeah it might have been pulled off a dead guy, but you’re saving a lot of money in the early stages until you make the investment in lifting shoes.