#1 Train; don’t just exercise. There are a million places to exercise, but if you are coming to Shire Speed and Strength, you can learn why you are doing what you’re doing, learn how to take care of yourself and transition from being a ‘Battler’.


#2 Value skills over hype. You should train close to home or work and train with friends. But absolutely you should train with efficiency. People don’t come here for a free water bottle and key ring. If you feel it necessary to brand yourself in that way, maybe you’re just exercising. Your time spent mastering your skills and giving full effort is time and money better spent than a weekend Weightlifting Dude Ranch.


#3 Be committed. The more frequently you train and commit yourself to sound skill progressions and programming the easier it is to help you. There is little benefit to the coach or lifter having to re-train skills because you come in haphazardly and are back at the beginning again because you decided to schedule a 6 week vacation for 3 weeks after you joined the gym. Organize yourself.


#4 This is not a tree-house club membership. Understand what you’re doing with your life and your money. You can get a lot done in 3-6 months and, see #3, the more you help yourself the more we can help you.  But this gym provides a lot for less than half the going rate and we’re not driving 4 wheel drive Audis and Porsches here. Standard Crossfit membership is around double our membership and 1 on 1 coaching is also double the price. Be a mature citizen and if you aren’t going to be a member in the future, fill in the paperwork which takes 40 seconds to do. Don’t just drop us a text or an email. Understand that 24 hour Globo fitness pretty much make all their margin on shit members who never attend. We either want you to train, or not be a member. But we’re not going to chase up people who cannot manage themselves and we’re not going to make things a hassle for our administrators.


*** Think of this picture ^ next time you realize that you’ve paid $100 an hour to learn a pre-1964 bullfrog-frankenstein snatch technique.***


#5 Take care of your gym. It’s easier to keep the place looking good when you leave it how you found it.


#6 Understand where you fit in. We’ve come a long way since we opened 5 years ago. We want nothing more than to continue to add better equipment to the gym and hopefully by the middle of next year we’re in an even bigger and better place. You are part of that, and you are making that happen. Better for everyone. This gym is not a mint, largely because we don’t rip people off with $100 an hour no-skill training services (quick fact: 9 owners of their own gyms have trained at SSS, countless certified Personal trainers, Physiotherapists and Exercise Science graduates). We don’t charge top dollar because we don’t want lousy people out there who have attended a weekend SSS course (no such thing exists) to be out there saying that this is where they learned to lift. We want people to train with greater regularity and come in frequently. Your membership helps grow the gym even if we’re not at the flourishing business level yet, longer term members know how much better things are now than in 2009.









*** Actual picture of your author’s car ^ Should probably charge fitness professionals more but then how would they be able to afford to train for the necessary amount of time to actually learn and hone their skills? God knows they’ve already spent enough on their worthless accreditations already. ***