If you do not understand the difference between these two things, then read on. If you do understand, carry on as you were.


There are many places to exercise, there are few places to train. Exercising can be done literally almost anywhere, training requires a planned organized environment. Not all environments are what they seem however. A runner may need only an empty bit of footpath to train on but the runner in training has a plan; this is the other significant difference between Exercising and Training, a proper environment and a plan.


Training involves developing a plan, putting that plan into action, crafting coherent strategies within the plan, and ensuring that the resources for the plan are sufficient to see it through.



You do not need Shire Speed and Strength in order to exercise. There are a million gyms where you can exercise. You can boot camp your way around the parks and beaches of the Shire or indeed the entire city if you like. There are pools, 24 hour health and wellness centers galore. There are PT studios and ‘Hard-core’ gyms that you can get sweaty in and be motivated to run-up-a-hill-under-fire with the yelling of inspirational cliches; you don’t need us for that. Luckily for people, getting better than what you are now is actually exceptionally easy, unfortunately its essentially a Ponzi scheme, and its not likely to be training.


Whilst there are a multitude of these kinds of places, there are not many places like SSS. Without conceit I think we can mention that we dont charge $80 an hour for 45min of standing next to you on a treadmill. We encourage and make affordable options to train, be taught, be filmed and programmed; and not in group sessions, seminars and ‘weightlifting-dude-ranch’ weekends. We are an open gym, you train when you want, the more committed you are the more coached up you’ll get. You can come and lift and do your own thing or you can take on programming advice or run some training experiments that you have developed from other coaching resources.


Training involves knowing why you are doing what you are doing. Its never a waste of time to examine if you are really on the right track and whether your plan can withstand scrutiny. “Am I really sure of my own view?”


Let it be known that when someone decides that they want to train, they can do it here. This does not mean that someone is already good. In fact, most gym members here are emerging from novice into low-level intermediate levels of being a lifter. Others are preparing generally in the gym and have other sports outside of SSS that they are concentrating on. Some lifters are very very good. What they all share in common, is that they are training; and either through prior goal or now realized goal, they know where they are going.