“That’s the problem with being middle class, anyone who really cares will always leave you for those who need it more.” Mr Bergstrom to Lisa as he leaves on the train for Capitol City.

Specialized short term coaching support is a tease. Not only is is hard to find, when it CAN be sourced it is often in the form of highly priced weekend group training or expensive 1 on 1 sessions. For an athlete who will need to train for 10-20 hours per week, what is truly affordable? And for the coach, if you don’t have the coaching time with someone to actually do a good job because it costs the athlete too much, how do you advance them to the highest levels?


The coach’s check mark will be the 4th last step. A simple thing to watch that is in concert with many hours of fundamental development.

If you really want to advance a significant way from your current position, then it will take time. The economics of the situation will be that this long term development can only be done so in a structure that is affordable to the individual.

Daily adjustments to accommodate training loads, sickness, injury, performance deficits and missed attempts, technical cue reminders, environmental adjustments, psychological support; the role of a coach goes on and on. The daily adjustments I call ‘Coaching Triage’. A coach is constantly triaging amongst the greater overall plan.



‘Coaching Triage’ is a large part of the day at Shire Speed and Strength. There are 77 hours of available staffed coaching contact, and it is the consistent daily adjustments, performance cues and attention to detail which accumulate over time to long term advancement.

Members of the gym are constantly being supported during the staffed gym hours. Ahead of time they can secure 1 on 1 coaching attention when they think they are having a technical problem, injury or require programming adjust and planning. This will be best used in cases where they feel that the scenario is severe enough to require greater attention.

Members can find the Shire Speed and Strength Calendly log in and make appointments for specific coaching attention at a time of your choosing.

Mr Bergstrom should never have to leave for Capitol City and someone who needs his help more. People with the potential for significant development are all around; they need consistent conscientious coaching support at logistical feasible times and at a price that ALLOWS the help to assist a blooming of potential.