Re-post of an old article.



New things have a tremendous impact on people, even in small amounts.


I feel compelled to tell everyone the first time that I see them, that no matter what I have them do on day one they will probably receive some sort of training effect from it just by the mere reason that it is different. It’s important not to get too excited about this effect.


This phenomenon, is largely exploited by the fitness huckster to hook clients into memberships and long relationships of personal training. Taking advantage of initial excitement and trust in the well-groomed fitness professional for this new fitness intervention; it does not last long. When inefficient exercises is prescribed, plateau’s are inevitable, but that too is important, as it creates a new opportunity for the fitness huckster to sell something additional. The diet book, exercise program, supplement product or additional differentiated classes, are not far away and as long as the effect of new things can be sold then there is a decent chance that the mark can continue to be bilked.


Charles Ponzi knew how to get people’s money.


A Ponzi Scheme is where investors are paid returns with the portioning back of their original principle investment, and more importantly, as the scheme continues for a long period, with the principle investment of each newer investor. Investors don’t usually try to withdraw their money because they are being paid very high and regular returns. It is destined however to collapse as it is unsustainable.


So ‘Ponzi Fitness’ is where the initial training effect benefit and excitement for it is fed back to you, this is continued as long as new training effects (new investors) are incorporated. Start off with boxercise, progress to groups running around in the dark, move on to randomized implement ‘strength training. The scheme continues until it collapses under its inability to gain new investors or other outside influences act upon the scheme.