We have heard our Prime Minister use the term ‘broad church’ to describe the pluralism of his own party. One senses that this is a coping mechanism for how a politician has to put up with factions of a large party that may have significantly varying and troublesome views on controversial matters.

Shire Speed and Strength is also a broad church, one that encompasses quite a range of sporting pursuits. Some members are training quite generally, others have actual technical-tactical skills and competition that the gym works on.

This week in particular is a good example of the variety of training and competition which Shire Speed and Strength is involved in.

Ben Stanoff was victorious over the weekend in the Elite 75kg class of the NSW State Boxing titles.


Ben has been training at SSS since April and we have worked on both his general capacities as well as managed his training load calendar whilst he trains at Lion’s Den Academy gym.

Adrian Immarata is a Masters member of the SSS weightlifting team. With the 2017 World Masters games coming up next year in New Zealand, Adrian has been building from an off season of injury reform and coping with a new job and changed travel time. With the cancellation of a lifting competition in Sydney that he needed to gain a qualifying total, the decision was made to go interstate to safely make the total needed.


Only a conservative total was required but it was the travel and organization that obviously added to the stress of it all. 6 for 6 and a comfortable 212 total allows for progress towards the real goal, a 240 PR total next April.

In The Netherlands, SSS athlete Davina Strauss won the Women’s Beach Sprint Master’s gold. She also finished 7th in flags and 4th in the Open sprint. Her club Coledale sent an awesome team which included the men’s relay gold.








In Gridiron, Blake Muir is now with the Green Bay Packers practice squad as they start their 2016 campaign to win the NFC North. Nobody requires a reminder of the standard and level of play in the NFL. You can keep track of weekly progress at he and his brother Sean’s blog.



So as you can see, much is happening at SSS right now; SSS athletes may not always be competing but they’re always training. Whether it be direct skill development or programming support the church here is broad and inclusive.